The grand city of Nöd sits in a high desert valley surrounded in the distance by mountains to the North and South. Lodge pole pine trees, low dry plants and occasional succulent speak to the apparent altitude of the city.

The buildings are mostly made of strawed mud and timbers for strength. The thick walls server to insulate from the heat and cold of high desert living. The funky smell of dried dung fires float across your senses along with a variety of spices you’re not familiar with. Flowers that look similar to jasmine serve as stars of white brightness in spots throughout the city.

The locals dress mostly in robes and keffiyeh of varying colors. Those colors become more vivid the closer you get to the center of the city, which is taken up by the large upside down pyramid temple to Epoch. This is surrounded by a wide ring of bazaar.

Currently Lord General Farrax rules the city. He rules with an iron fist, forunately the rules are simple:

  1. Don’t cross him
  2. Don’t cross his men, the city guard
  3. Do as you’re asked
  4. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth so make sure you’re prepared to pay for your crime.
  5. All city dwellers are considered concsripts of the army when necessary. No exceptions.

“Daytime” is the time in which both moons, Tiln and Doowin, are in the sky. Dawn and Dusk are the times in which only 1 is visible.

“Nighttime” is when neither moon is visible. Not every day has a night in this city, But there can also be multiple days of night when no light covers the land.

Most every household has at least one Moonglobe. A small soft-ball sized sphere of alabaster that lights with a command. They give off the same bluish light of the twin moons. Nöd dwellers exhibit some odd customs with the orbs. Blinking them, turning them on and off and dimming at different times while in conversation. It reminds you of how humans use their hands while speaking to better express themselves. It also seems to be polite to clasp ones hands together and hold them before you while speaking.

The city is filled with familiar races at least. You can make out humans and dwarves, but the elves all seem to be of the same strange tall, slender race with ebon skin.



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