Nights at the Round Table

In Terminus you trust?

Terminus paces the floor mumbling to himself. His brow furrowed and chin in hand. Finally after several minutes he looks at the group a decision made.

“We need to find Wala. I’m sure she has heard something already and may have some guidance.” Peeking out the soft leather curtains that cover the hole that serves as a window he says, “We’ll wait for night. Be wary with Tiln and Doowin having set, your magic will be even more dangerous I’m afraid.”

As you sit and talk among yourselves, that child’s fairy tale comes back to you. Seemingly more relevant than a simple tale.

By a tick of the clock that stretches long
By Epoch’s hand she’ll take the wrong

The nightmares bring the phaeton’s creak
To search for those that she does seek

So hide thee children by thatch or sod
Or she’ll take you to the land of Nod

To protect the light, she guards the dawn
Or the night will grow too long

So heed good children, stay to the light
Or Mistress will with you take flight

Are you chasing the Fae Dust Queen, or did Reamya bring you here intentionally? Or is this all coincidence?

Outside the blue glow from the moons, Tiln and Doowin, lessen as Tiln drops over the horizon. The world is fading into a darkness unknown even in the grand caves you’ve entered. You realize you’d entered Nöd at mid-day and suddenly miss the blistering yellow sun of the desert…

Epoch's Sphinx

The sphinx sits upon the top of the pyramid, where the point would be. She watches calmly as you approach, completely nonplussed by your appearance.

You notice that the once sunny sky is now a flat gray, no clouds, stars , sun or moon mar its dome, but the heat still prevails. It’s stifling and almost threatening in its presence.

As you size her up she lays down upon her paws, crossing them, to better support her resting head.

Just underneath those great paws you note an entrance into the topmost portion of the pyramid. You can just see inside. Torches appear to light an empty room.

“Welcome fair travelers. Epoch welcomes you to his domain. Those wishing entrance to the grand city of Nöd must show a modicum of respect and intelligence before entering. Those you met on your travel had failed.”

With a yawn, she shifts in position, mildly agitated by having guests.

“I must warn you, once asked, you must answer. And once answered you must enter Epoch’s Temple.”

A hasty “Get on with it!” from the swashbuckler Inigo answers for the party.

Staring at you intently she says:

“I am all that I am and all that you see,
Yet I’m nothing at all and from you I flee.
Formed of distortion, perceptions awry,
I play the horizon where always I lie.”

With that, her eyes close, asleep, and completely at her ease.

Your food supplies low and days now spent in this eternal desert that should have only been a half-days walk. A depression hangs over you with the realization of the task before you.

There is but one way out…choose your answer wisely.

Fairweather, fairly disturbed

After your encounter in the wilds outside of FairWeather you catch sight of a small hillock with an additional Drow apparently standing watch. You attempt to speak to him, but he draws a wicked looking sword of black steel in reply. A quick fight ensues ending with the Drow’s final scream stopped suddenly by Magnus’ massive maul.

A quick inspection shows that he was guarding the entrance to a small cave. It only travels back 15’ into the hillock before dead-ending. A thorough search finds no secret doors or other apparent exits.

In the back you find a small fire pit and the sleeping pallets apparently used by the hunting party. You also find a small chest that contains an amount of loose coins as well as 5 bags of 100 gold that are marked “Queen’s Inn”…the missing payment to Inigo’s village.

In addition to Inigo’s money there is:
Very large sapphire valued at 1,000gp.
The black sword isn’t noteworthy, other than it’s designed to hold and dispense poison when a target is slashed.

Upon return to the village you find that most of the villagers are headed back to their homes after cleaning up and dealing with the night’s terrors. Even though dawn is just lighting up the sky your exhausted frames eagerly except the inn keeper’s offer for free lodging.

The inn keeper himself apologizes profusely to Inigo, and the party in general, for his behavior. He knew that something was wrong, but didn’t seem to have the ability to tell anyone. He described it as being inside a room with broad windows. He could see what he was doing, but he couldn’t interact with the outside. He’s clearly traumatized.

After a long rest, you’re awakened, once again to the sounds of the villagers in panic outside the windows and a pounding at your door…

A night's rest in a small town

After the rush from Garradon to Snow Raven pass the return trip is a bit more leisurely. You’ve stopped in the small village of Fairweather. Named as such because it’s the first village below the tree line and out of the howling snows of the mountains. While not warm, it may as well be the Bahamas compared to the snow reaches you’ve just come from.

A small contingent of guards came with you to manage the wagon carrying the still unconscious Dwarven Queen. They’ve let you know that the Queen’s Honor Inn is a respectable place that will allow for your men to stay with the wagon and horse team.

A couple of the elven guardsmen speak of AmberDahlia, a small wood elf/human village just north of Fairweather known for its fishing, fine wood carving and the mysterious tears of the Amber Dahlia. The Dahlia only grows near the village that was named in its honor. It grows to great size over its life time, up to the size of a small house in some cases. Then suddenly, upwards of a 100 years after it first sprouted, it will wither and die. As the last bloom wilts a single drop of nectar hardens into an Amber gemstone that will bring life to the dead.

At least, that’s the rumor. No one seems to have seen this occur and clipped plants brought home certainly never produce a tear. Locals insist it’s true, but rare.

Either way, it’s beautiful story that brings hope when loved ones die. Strangers from across the land can be seen wandering the forests between FairWeather and AmberDahlia in the hopes that they can find a dying Dahlia. Some of them stay too long and their spectres continue to search long after their dead bodies have turned to dust. Turning the quest for a tear dangerous to those that are unprepared.

But enough of that. The small village is mostly asleep as the sun has been down for an hour by the time you enter the outer edges. The Queen’s Honor is well lit and warm looking. Inside you can hear the standard rabble rousing. it would appear the local farmers are having a dispute…

Well, at least it was painless
Even blind Beholders don't need no lovin'

Well, it was a very final end to a fun evening. Ferbilas’ kindess and willingness to heal a sick Beholder was met with a disintegration ray from said critter.

It started simply enough with the party clearing out some rather boring pantries. Spiced up momentarily by a chapel protected by a pair of protection stones. Each summoning a pair of knights to protect Thonos, demi-god to the elemental plane of snow. That was resolved mostly by closing the door.

A beholder was seen floating down the hallway at this point, but ended up being a corridor filled with gas spores. A risky eldritch blast filled the hallways with noxious and sickening gas while the party hid out in a well stocked pantry. Judicious use of gas spores.cleaned up the result fungal miasma.

A group of servants hiding in a bed chamber had immediately advised the group to just leave. They were just fine, but again our cleric decided something was amiss and decided to dig deeper. Four Duergar attempted to turn him and Magnus into pin cushions, but failed miserably.

The group had little information other than being invaded and encountering a mage and two heavily armed lackeys, which the party had encountered, and dispatched, in the last session. So they moved forward.

An interview with a bored door followed, along with official recognition of Lord Snow Raven’s stature with the keep. The door advised to not go beyond, and somewhat inexplicably, the party listened. They back tracked to clear out one final pantry.

Lord Snow Raven at this point was able to see a very cleverly hidden secret door, which opened into a burial chamber, of which the resident has yet to be properly identified, other than being human and a druid of great power.

This lead to the discovery of the gardens underneath the keep, which had been breached by a large 20’ cylindrical hole. Gas Spore killed a party of invading goblins, followed by a Beholder that became infected and blinded as a result. It had been trapped in the garden, unable to see or find an exit.

Ferbilas saw the poor maddened creature and offered to cure it. In its madness it fired a disintegration beam of which seemingly no combination of dice roles could save our intrepid cleric/warlock.

Lord Snow Raven ranged forward swinging his mightily ensorceled maul, but could not slay the creature. It returned the favor with a sleep beam, looking by all intents as to kill Magnus as well.

This angered his sister, Billie, who sent not one, but two lightning bolts at the creature. Re-starting Magnus’ sleeping form.

Our ever precise elf laid two crossbow bolts into the angered creature, releasing it from its torment.

XP for the evening: 3,800 for the evening with a total for most players of 50,430.

– 500gp
– 50pp
– 5 × 100gp gems
– +2 spear
– Staff containing a Cyper of the Iron King
– 3 pseudodragon eggs


Go down to basement
-Surprised by 2 giants
*use grease & Kill them.

900 xp – Loot: 40 gold, tiny painting of family (human), stake wrapped club – goblin death cult.

Find Duergar in room.
-he dies, then we hear a noise
– another duergar appears-doubles in size
-feel wind move behind you
-3rd duergar appears

150 xp – Loot: 19 gold, Javelin of Lightening

Throw dead duergar on a trigger trap

2 humans, big baddass with flaming armor charges.
Destroy a statue that can resurrect
Kill mage

1400 xp – Loot: Ring of blink (1xday), robe of elemental resistance, 450 gold, 300 sp, spell book, 2 potions of cure wounds, jade amulet, coiled snake
ruby earings, bottle of fancy wine (200g)

Take a short rest

Total Exp: 46630

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