Nights at the Round Table

Reamya's Eulogy/Birth Announcement

It is with great sadness that I announce the death of the mighty Reamya in the dungeons beneath Nod. She died bravely while fighting a demon from the 9 levels of hell. Unfortunately it was not the demon that killed her.

On the upside we are proud to announce the birth of a beautiful bouncing Blue Slaad. They’re saying it has its mother’s eyes. No, literally, they’re in a pouch at its waist.

For the time being the party is resting in a tavern in the underground city of Callebain. The city seems safe and comfortable, but please make sure to wash well as fungus spores grow quickly down here.


Wow, my pregnancy happened quickly. My companions could have mention how big I was getting or a least run out to the local Walgreens and buy a potion of Restoration for me to take! Geesh…hard to find good friends! Well, at least now I get to play a Blue Slaad! :) .

Reamya's Eulogy/Birth Announcement
bumgurgle bumgurgle

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