Nights at the Round Table

In Terminus you trust?

Terminus paces the floor mumbling to himself. His brow furrowed and chin in hand. Finally after several minutes he looks at the group a decision made.

“We need to find Wala. I’m sure she has heard something already and may have some guidance.” Peeking out the soft leather curtains that cover the hole that serves as a window he says, “We’ll wait for night. Be wary with Tiln and Doowin having set, your magic will be even more dangerous I’m afraid.”

As you sit and talk among yourselves, that child’s fairy tale comes back to you. Seemingly more relevant than a simple tale.

By a tick of the clock that stretches long
By Epoch’s hand she’ll take the wrong

The nightmares bring the phaeton’s creak
To search for those that she does seek

So hide thee children by thatch or sod
Or she’ll take you to the land of Nod

To protect the light, she guards the dawn
Or the night will grow too long

So heed good children, stay to the light
Or Mistress will with you take flight

Are you chasing the Fae Dust Queen, or did Reamya bring you here intentionally? Or is this all coincidence?

Outside the blue glow from the moons, Tiln and Doowin, lessen as Tiln drops over the horizon. The world is fading into a darkness unknown even in the grand caves you’ve entered. You realize you’d entered Nöd at mid-day and suddenly miss the blistering yellow sun of the desert…


bumgurgle bumgurgle

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