Nights at the Round Table

Epoch's Sphinx

The sphinx sits upon the top of the pyramid, where the point would be. She watches calmly as you approach, completely nonplussed by your appearance.

You notice that the once sunny sky is now a flat gray, no clouds, stars , sun or moon mar its dome, but the heat still prevails. It’s stifling and almost threatening in its presence.

As you size her up she lays down upon her paws, crossing them, to better support her resting head.

Just underneath those great paws you note an entrance into the topmost portion of the pyramid. You can just see inside. Torches appear to light an empty room.

“Welcome fair travelers. Epoch welcomes you to his domain. Those wishing entrance to the grand city of Nöd must show a modicum of respect and intelligence before entering. Those you met on your travel had failed.”

With a yawn, she shifts in position, mildly agitated by having guests.

“I must warn you, once asked, you must answer. And once answered you must enter Epoch’s Temple.”

A hasty “Get on with it!” from the swashbuckler Inigo answers for the party.

Staring at you intently she says:

“I am all that I am and all that you see,
Yet I’m nothing at all and from you I flee.
Formed of distortion, perceptions awry,
I play the horizon where always I lie.”

With that, her eyes close, asleep, and completely at her ease.

Your food supplies low and days now spent in this eternal desert that should have only been a half-days walk. A depression hangs over you with the realization of the task before you.

There is but one way out…choose your answer wisely.


bumgurgle bumgurgle

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