Nights at the Round Table

Decisions, Decisions


The party sits, weary, in this strange prison. Rummaging through the storage closets you find mead, dried meats and fruits to fill your grumbling stomachs.

Lady Yethana eats hungrily next to you. Her fine cheek bones hollow with weariness. She is most certainly the woman who stood next to Lord Celodhin, King of Garradon, but it’s difficult to see at times. A raw anger sits in her eyes only held back by the current situation.

Billie-Jean holds the rash questioning of Reamya in check as she insists on letting her recover some strength. After a time she begins to gingerly question the oft-times fragile looking elf.

Lady Yethana manages to explain that this location is a safe-house for the King and Queen of Garradon. How Malaketh managed to find his way here is lost to her as the portal will only allow those of royal blood to pass through. He must have been using it for some time as evidenced by others living with him.

The Nefeshnee had been entombed by a previous Lord of Garradon and stored here as punishment for attempting to destroy the city. She smiles slightly and a tinkling laugh momentarily lights up her features ‘Celodhin will be furious. He truly enjoyed taunting the creature.’

She has no idea how the Drow or Medusa wandered in. The locks in place should have prevented their entrance. She mumbles for a moment about Malaketh… ‘It has to be something about his soul-binding to the demon. He acquired a large number of strange abilities along with the curses.’

Malaketh, it turns out, was the court mage at one point and the main reason for the mage college being moved outside of Garradon. His teachings and research had grown increasingly dangerous. He burnt down a section of Fat Side near the Bridge at one point. Celodhin had ordered his arrest that day. Malaketh never entered the dungeon, but burnt down another section of the city as punishment.

Yethana’s memory of how she arrived here and in the power draining cell is blurry at best. She remembers meeting most of you. Reamya particularly stands out for her brazen behavior. The Gloaming Ward had pulled back and sun had again shown down on the city as you went off to find the rest of imprisoned queens. She remembers going to sleep after eating a fine meal and helping Celodhin finish a wonderful bottle of Lorinthian wine.

Then she woke up to you…

She recognizes the now royal blood flowing through Reamya and Magnus. With the quick precision of a master she teaches both the method of using the portal. Enabling you to travel between here and Garradon at will.


She has no help to offer when it comes to the Sleeping God.

Yethana takes in the group for moment and stops on Reamya. “Soon that beast growing in you will begin to take your strength. As it grows you dies. I do not have the strength or skill to cure this ailment. Seek out a Temple of Min. The cost is high and may kill you, but it’s better than dieing to that creature.”


Standing near the pool Magnus and Goodwin can feel the cold depths of the astral plane that powers its existence. Tendrils of energy disappear beyond their sight, splitting into a thousand apparent pathways. Goodwin quickly realizes that without Yethana’s teachings and the lack of a noble ‘key’ staring into this pool would likely drive you mad. Billie Jean conveys the story of having that very experience while staring into the other side.

A small shrine to the god of portals, Koleros, is carved into the wall near the pool. A small bowl sits before him with several coins left as offering. Magnus swears the small statue winks at him as he leaves the chamber.

You sit at a cross-roads:
– Stay and fight the Sleeping God. Free Callebain and Nod from its growing power that grows against a weakened Nod. Its power to defend itself greatly depleted with the powering of the Gloaming Ward in Garradon.
- Go through the portal. Back to Garradon and return the Queen to her throne. Who knows what change has occurred since you stepped through the Sphinx’ pyramid.
– Find a Temple of Min. Yethana does not believe such a temple exists in Nod, but should be found on the Material Plane.


bumgurgle bumgurgle

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