Nights at the Round Table

Callebain - Cavern city of Nöd/Throne of the Sleeping God


After unknowingly entering through a portal of Kolerös the party finds themselves in the Harpy’s Hallow. Borg, the rather boisterous, but ever friendly barkeep, quickly gets you rooms and brings you hot bowls of mushroom stew. “I pulls some choicest bits of the carrion crawler out for yeh.”, he says with a wink as he leaves you to yourselves.

The stew is good. Even if the carrion crawler flesh is a bit rubbery. You quickly find yourselves feeling better and then fast asleep.

Magnus startles awake some time later. The sounds of Billie Jean’s loud snoring filling the comfortably warm chamber. Music, coming from downstairs, draws his attention. Laughing, the clinking of glasses and the smell of food puts the thought of safety aside for a minute.

Downstairs you find the Harpy is hopping. The central hearth is hissing and popping with large dried pieces of wood like mushroom stems. The pretty waitress you encountered before collapsing into sleep is busily going table-to-table. Her deep red hair falling over her stark white shoulders. You catch her eye and she heads over to you as you gape momentarily at the scene.

“Esmerelda?”, Magnus just barely recalls as she approaches.

“You and your friends were knackered. Came in pale as ghosts you did. Unusual for top siders like yerself. Borg figured you needed to rest so he put you in our best room for sleepin’. That room was blessed by the Sleeping God herself it’s said.”, with a wink she eyes Magnus up and down.

“Two days of sleep seems to have done you well.” She reaches out, tracing a small circle in the hair of his chest. Magnus blushes as he realizes he’s just wearing his undershirt and breeches. His gambeson and armor left in the room. The ‘V’ of chest continues to draw her attention for another moment and then it’s her turn to blush.

“Can I get you something?”

Magnus manages to sputter “…food?”

“Luckily we got somes of that. Have a seat, I’ll bring it right out.” She looks around the room pointing to a booth in the corner. A rather large dwarf takes up one whole side of table. A haunch of meat in one hand, a large mug in the other. He alternates, almost metronome like, between the two. Putting one, and then the other, into his mouth. His dark beard covered in grease and what not.

“Kelvus, you’re getting a guest.” The dwarf looks over to you and raises the haunch as a manner of welcome.

Sitting down the dwarf adds a third step to his eating and drinking. As gobbets of food and spittle eject from his mouth and he raises an eye over his mug. “Well come to you. Ezzie doesn’t like empty seats when she’s busy. I don’t minds. Down here in the dark you need friends.” A few words at a time are all he can get out at a time as he continuously takes a bite and then drinks.

“I’ve been out in the dark for nearin’ a month. This is the first thing I ate that isn’t mushroom in that whole time. Mutton is spendy down here, but damn it’s worth it.” He’s picked off all of the meat on the bone at this point and begins to suck noisily at the marrow. Taking a moment he cracks the thigh bone to get to all of it.

“What brings you down here? Them damnable moons? Them damnable Slaad? A Modron decide you’s in the wrong place and drug ya here?”

Esmerelda has brought a plate of the same mutton, and a rather bitter tasting, but hearty, beer. She lingers for a moment after placing the plate and mug in front of him, blushing slightly again. A sigh carries her off to her next customer.

“We were in Nöd…and then got her, somehow.” Magnus manages to say as he suddenly realizes he’s starving.

A rumble of a laugh comes out of the dwarf. “Yer in Callebain. If Nöd is the opposite to Garradon then Callebain is the opposite of Nöd. Sorts of. I don’t tinker with the magicks much so I don’t fully understand. But the orichalcum curtain protects the city from the moons effects. That’s what I been doin’, finding me some orichalcum materials to sell to the meister. Found a solid vein and just couldn’t stop until I’d gotten all I could.”

Kelvus continues on to describe the city somewhat and making a second reference to the sleeping god. That piques Magnus’ curiosity, but just as he is about to ask motion on the stairs down catches his attention. The rest of the party has awoken and made their way downstairs. Yawning and stretching they also take in the scene before them. Esmerelda has already diverted herself to catch them at the base of the stairs and points out your table.

Kelvus notices Esmerelda sending over the rest of the group. “Well, I guess I’d better let you have yer table.” He manages to squeeze his impressive girth out of the seat and gives Magnus a nod as he heads toward the stairs himself. Likely headed to his own room to take a much needed rest.



bumgurgle bumgurgle

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