Nights at the Round Table


Go down to basement
-Surprised by 2 giants
*use grease & Kill them.

900 xp – Loot: 40 gold, tiny painting of family (human), stake wrapped club – goblin death cult.

Find Duergar in room.
-he dies, then we hear a noise
– another duergar appears-doubles in size
-feel wind move behind you
-3rd duergar appears

150 xp – Loot: 19 gold, Javelin of Lightening

Throw dead duergar on a trigger trap

2 humans, big baddass with flaming armor charges.
Destroy a statue that can resurrect
Kill mage

1400 xp – Loot: Ring of blink (1xday), robe of elemental resistance, 450 gold, 300 sp, spell book, 2 potions of cure wounds, jade amulet, coiled snake
ruby earings, bottle of fancy wine (200g)

Take a short rest

Total Exp: 46630


bumgurgle sandracarolcole

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